Sunday, June 5, 2011

  Have you every wanted to get away and spend a relaxing time at a resort?  Last weekend I was going to do just that, so I went on the Internet to find a "good" deal on some "time away."  Nothing is what is seems, especially pictures on a web page.  I found a place, price was good and the pictures of the resort were lovely.  The write up about the amenities were even better.
  Now tell me, what is the deal with "resort fees"!  If you really must tag these fees on to the price of the room give me what is promised in these hidden fees.
  Fee #1 Wireless Internet service...  I ask the front desk for the wireless # for my room.  She replies,"oh no, you can only have wireless service right here in the lobby."  That was never in the fine print, by the way the lobby wireless spot did not work either.  Remind me why you are charging me $15 for this service.
  Fee #2 Resort Equipment Fee.... Front Desk, " Sorry for your inconvenience, but our main pool is shut down for repairs from June 1- 25th!"  People this is AZ could you have not done those repairs in Feb or March?  This is prime vacation month and now you close down your pool. Seriously, now another additional $15 on my final bill.
  It would have been much better to have had you room price from the beginning at $30 more.  I know it would have made my decision to stay a lot easier and quicker.

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