Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summertime for a Teacher

  When you are a teacher, the hot hot days of June and July in Phoenix become your precious oasis!  The time away from the stress of the classroom, meetings after school, and deadlines for assessments can melt away as fast as a scoop of praline and cream ice cream on an AZ sidewalk.
  Being a morning person I feel so refreshed to wake up, start a pot of coffee, and then go to my computer to check out the "happenings" and thoughts of my friends on facebook.  Life can be so relaxing when you don't have to watch the clock or shower right away because you need to get to school to prepare for the day ahead.
  When our family first moved to AZ I hated summer with a passion.  The children were young and we did not have a backyard pool.  We did not have the money to go on "cool relief" vacations.  We just had to "survive" the heat the best we could.
  Each day is a gift.  I love having friends over to swim.  We can visit and relax knowing for the next few weeks we are carefree and loving the time off.
  There does come a time later in July when I feel the tug of the classroom.   I walk in the store and see the school supplies front and center in an organized display.  The smell of new crayons and the sparkle of shiny school boxes are calling me back to reality.  Before you know it I am in my classroom setting things up and thinking about the students that will be walking through the door of room 202.
  Aww being a teacher is fulfilling, but summertime is for refueling and relaxing.  I am going to enjoy this time until I hear the first school bell rings starting a new school year!

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